Madhujeet is a blend of ayurvedic herbs. It is prepared on the basis of ayurvedic concept of powder (churn kalpna).
The active ingredients of these herbs are most effective as powder form. Madhujeet powder has bitter taste due to because the herbs which are naturally bitter and astringent. According to the text of Ayurveda ‘Madhumeha’ diabetes is the disorder of ‘kapha’ (shlesina) “Premeh hetu kaphkricha sarvam” Biochemically ‘kapha’ is originated from aap and prithvi mahabhuta. Aap and prithvi mahabhuta also the main source of ‘madhur ras’. Madhur ras represent all the sources of sweet taste like Sugar, Wheat, Munnakka, Khajur, Banana, Apple, Milk etc. All the sweet sources increase kapha and blood sugar. Hypothetically to break down of this pathogen, bitter astringent herbs are help full to reduce Madhumeha (hyper gluiwa).

“Bitter (tikta) and astringent (kasaya) herbs pacify kapha dosha”

Benefits of Madhujeet:-

Madhujeet is helpful in eliminating insulin. It also increases potency level. Helpful in kidney disorder, provide mental and physical satisfaction to a diabetes patient.