Pausha Putrada Ekadashi
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24 January 2021: Pausa Putrada Ekadashi

Pausa Putrada Ekadashi 2021 is on January 24 Sunday
Pausa Putrada Ekadashi is on
Sunday, January 24, 2021

Pausha Putrada Ekadashi is a sacred day to observe a fast by the Vaishnavas. It falls on the ‘ekadashi’ (11th day) during the Shukla Paksha (the bright fortnight of moon) of the month of ‘Pausha’ in the traditional Hindu calendar. This corresponds to the months of December to January in the English calendar. The word ‘Putrada’ in Hindi implies ‘giver of sons’ and as this ekadashi falls during the Hindu month of ‘Pausha’ it is known as

‘Pausha Putrada Ekadashi’. This ekadashi is mainly observed by couples who desire to be blessed with a son. Lord Vishnu is worshipped with complete dedication and zeal on this day. The Pausha Putrada Ekadashi is very auspicious, especially for followers of Lord Vishnu in the Northern states of the country. In some regions of South India, Pausha Putrada Ekadashi is celebrated as ‘Vaikunta Ekadashi’, ‘Swargavathil Ekadashi’ or ‘Mukkoti Ekadashi’.

Pausha Putrada Ekadashi: at a glance

  • The Pausha Putrada Ekadashi vrat is mainly observed by women who desire to give birth to a son. On this day Lord Vishnu is worshipped devotedly to be blessed with a male child. Couples also pray to their deity for the well-being of their offspring. No food is eaten at all during the ekadashi and the fast continues for a period of 24 hours. Even those who do not observe the Pausha Putrada Ekadashi, must abstain from consuming cereals, rice, beans, grains and specific spices and vegetable on this day.
  • For couples desiring a male child, both the wife and husband should observe the Pausha Putrada Ekadashi. If one cannot keep a complete fast, partial fasting is allowed and is equally fruitful.
  • On the day of Pausha Putrada Ekadashi the couple should avoid sleeping during the time and keep a ‘jagaran’ by singing bhakti songs of Lord Vishnu. Reciting ‘Vishnu Sahastranaam’ and other Vedic mantras is also believed to be auspicious. The devotees also visit the nearby temples of Lord Vishnu as on this day special puja and bhajan kirtans are organised.