Totka to attract Money and Prosperity

Simple Totke for Money, Business and Prosperity

All the Totke mentioned below are standalone money earning remedies and the practitioner can practice any one or more than one of the Totke given below.

1] Take 5 seeds of red chill [Kale Mirch Ke Dane] in your right hand and do an Utara of your head by rotating them from right to left over your head 7 times.

Then, throw 4 red chili seeds in all the 4 directions and throw the 5th seed over you head.

This completes this Totka to get money through business.

2] For sudden gain of money go to a Mahadev Mandir located in a Smashan Bhumi on a Monday and offer milk mixed with pure honey to the Murti of Mahadev.

That is all that should be done to perform this Totka.

3] If your business in not doing well or as expected and the flow of money into the business has slowed down, then place a clean red colored cloth on the bottom of the cash counter.

This will regularize the flow of cash into the business.

4] Placing a few Gunja Seeds inside the cash counter is considered to be most beneficial in increasing trade and business and making profits or increasing the profit margin.

5] Offering a Naivedya of Sweets or Mithai prepared from milk and red rose to an idol of Lakshmi Mata in your home or business place will make the business grow quickly and become prosperous by making money flow into the business.

6] While depositing money or cheques in your bank, face the west direction and chant any Lakshmi Mantra like Shreem-श्रीं or any of your favorite Lakshmi Mantras.

This is considered to be most auspicious in increasing the flow of money and becoming wealthy and prosperous.

7] Wrap Kali Haldi and a few coins in a red colored cloth and offer it Dhoop, Diya and Sindoor and place in in the cash counter.

This will increase the flow of money and make the business prosperous and profitable.

8] Place an image of Lakshmi and Ganesha on top of the cash counter and mentally seek their blessings, while opening the shop or office.

This will be very beneficial for the growth and prosperity of the business.

9] Keeping an Ekakshi or One Eyed Coconut, wrapped in red colored cloth, in the home or business place is believed to attract money and wealth quickly.

10] To recover bad debts, place a Lotus Flower, wrapped in a red colored cloth on the cash counter or cash cupboard.

Perform this Totka on Fridays and you will be able to recover your money.

11] If the lady of the house spreads 1 Kalash of water outside the main door of the house, then it will make the flow of money into the house smoother and easier.

12] If you are doing any Sadhana or Upasana of any Goddess for making more money, then, everyday offer a clove to the photo of the Goddess.