horoscope - 18Jun 2019
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Sunday 16 June, 2019

(Mar 21 – Apr 20)Regular routine promises to keep you fit and energetic. You may find yourself in a happy situation, as far as finances are concerned. There is much that remains to be done at work, so manage your time well. Tensions with spouse threaten to spoil the domestic atmosphere today. You may plan for a business cum leisure trip. Possession of a property may come to you. Your preparation on the academic front is likely to hold you in good stead. Your search for romance is about to end as you click with someone like-minded, so rejoice!

Lucky Number: 17 Lucky Colour: Metallic Blue

(Apr 21 – May 20)Your active lifestyle will ensure that you remain fit and energetic. Opportunities for investing in some good schemes may come to you soon. Professional worries are likely to mount for some. A family gathering is in the offing and will prove most enjoyable. Accompanying someone on an exciting outing is indicated. Your dream home may turn into reality soon. Winning cash or a monetary prize in a competition seems real for some. Falling in and out of love is possible for some!

Lucky Number: 1Lucky Colour: Golden Brown

(May 21 – Jun 21)Health remains satisfactory. Money from other sources is likely to augment your earning and keep you financially sound. Your willingness for work is likely to make you the favorite of superiors. Finding good tenants is possible for house owners. A social commitment is likely to be dutifully discharged. Those looking for love are not likely to face much difficulty. Your well-wishers can force you into something that will ultimately benefit you. Keep yourself from getting overstrained on a long journey by taking adequate breaks.

Lucky Number: 18 Lucky Colour: Brown

(Jun 22 – Jul 22)Health issues facing some will be resolved without much difficulty. Monetary problems are likely to multiply as savings evaporate. You may have to find time to cope up with incomplete work on the professional front today. A family reunion may be on the cards, so plan your leave. This is a good time to plan a short vacation, just for a change of scene. An addition or alteration to the house may commence soon under your supervision. Watch your step on the social front as someone is out to undermine your popularity. Breakdown in communication needs to be avoided in a relationship.

Lucky Number: 8 Lucky Colour: Violet

(Jul 23 – Aug 23)Health remains good. Those facing cash crunch are likely to find their monetary condition improving. A decision taken by you is likely to prove excellent for the organization you are working for. Someone in the family is likely to do you proud. Overseas journey may materialize for some and will be lots of fun. Some of you are likely to become the proud owners of a landed property. For some frustrations cannot be ruled out on the academic front. You will succeed in stoking the ambers of passion and make romance rock!

Lucky Number: 2 Lucky Colour: Pink

(Aug 24 – Sep 23)You can get irregular in your exercise routine, so keep up the motivation. Your helping hand to someone in monetary need is likely to give you immense inner satisfaction. Your willingness to take the initiative at work is likely to impress superiors. Personal relationship with someone may come in the way of your extending a helping hand to him or her. A vacation is likely to proceed as per plans and give you utmost pleasure. Possession of a property may come to you. You remain strong on the academic front and shine in whatever you participate in. Differences with lover may upset your peace of mind. Try to maintain a low profile.

Lucky Number: 18 Lucky Colour: Saffron

(Sep 24 – Oct 23)Joining a group of health conscious people will do a whale of a good for you on the health front. A side business will start giving good returns and add to your wealth. You will remain a step ahead of what the boss thinks of and impress him or her. You can be treated to something special on the home front. Commuting can become a hassle for those travelling long distance. Prospects of getting a piece of property at bargain price look bright. Someone is likely to admire your tireless energy and desire for perfection on the social front. Love life is likely to become interesting for some.

Lucky Number: 9 Lucky Colour: Silver

(Oct 24 – Nov 22)Insistence on healthy habits will be key to remaining fit and energetic. Someone on the business front may take you for a ride by promising much, but delivering little. Professionals will find the day most fulfilling. A family youngster may need guidance, but do some with a soft glove. You are likely to enjoy a long drive with friends. Commuting problems are likely to get resolved once and for all. Excess in food and drinks can get you out of action. There is a possibility of someone captivating you on the love front.

Lucky Number: 4 Lucky Colour: Light Blue

(Nov 23 – Dec 21)Good returns can be expected by your initiative on the health front. Someone close to you is likely to help you out with money. Your professional excellence will help promote your name and attract clients. If you are going to meet someone today, don�t go without taking the family elders along, as it may go against you. This is a good day to spend driving round the countryside. Don�t take up any property issue today. Your preparation will become the key to your good showing on the academic front. A budding romance may turn into a long-term commitment for some.

Lucky Number: 22 Lucky Colour: Violet

(Dec 22 – Jan 21)It will be important to choose an exercise routine that is in sync with your lifestyle. Financially, you are likely to break even in a new venture. You may not get the consent for something you desire on the professional front. You can become a source of inspiration for your child or a family youngster. Accompanying someone interesting on a journey promises to make the journey enjoyable. Taking possession of property booked by you is possible. It may appear difficult to make any headway on the academic front. Falling in love is a foregone conclusion, so enjoy your heart out!

Lucky Number: 6 Lucky Colour: Peach

(Jan 22 – Feb 19)Some of you may turn your attention towards health to keep fit. Earning good money is indicated for businesspersons. You may get the opportunity to return a favor to a workplace colleague. You can get invited to a party or a function that you had been looking forward to. Some of you may plan to visit a place of pilgrimage. Changes required at home may be given the go ahead. Your well-wishers will keep your flag flying high on the social front. Don�t dishearten your near and dear ones by saying things that may hurt them.

Lucky Number: 15 Lucky Colour: Dark Brown

(Feb 20 – Mar 20)You will find a distinct improvement in your health and feel more energetic. An earning opportunity may come along for businesspersons and traders. A new business venture may fail to take off due to lack of resources. It will be fun travelling with friends and family today. Exciting company is likely to make a journey most pleasurable. Booking a house or a plot is possible. There is no point in initiating something on the social front, which you have no intention of completing. Lover may hold back from committing on the romantic front and frustrate your attempts for a matrimonial bond.

Lucky Number: 7 Lucky Colour: Cream