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Enlighten with the glory of Sanatan Dharma.

In all religions around the world, the glory of Sanatan Dharma is described as great. The meaning of Sanatan is “what no one can destroy”. Which has been running since ancient times  and continues still today. Its evidences are  also found in Indus Valley Civilization.

When it comes to understanding the meaning of Sanatana-dharma, we have to be aware of its Sanskrit definition. The root of the word dharma comes from dhri, which means to uphold or maintain. The Sanskrit says dharayati iti dharmaha, which translates as dharma is that which upholds. However, not only what is supported is dharma, but that which does the supporting is also dharma, dhriyate iti dharmaha. So dharma consists of both the force that sustains as well as what is sustained. It can also be said that there is the path of dharma as well as its conclusion, the object of dharma, or what we are seeking, the goal of life. So dharma is the means as well as the goal.

In today’s article we will discuss the glory and believes of sanatan dharma.the spiritual mental and physical happiness all can be attend with the followings of sanatan dharma.the sages centuries ago attend vast technological knowledge which for a very long time people didn’t have faith but are now proved right today.

Believes of sanatan dharma.

Sanatana-dharma is also a matter of understanding. It is an awareness that every particle of this universe is an expansion of God’s energies. That it is all an exhibition of the potencies of the Para-Brahman, the Absolute Existence. Dharma is the path to seeing how God is everywhere. Thus, dharma is not only the path to God but is also in God. A truly liberated person does not worry about liberation, or in going home back to God in the spiritual world. He is already aware that he is in God’s energy, whether it is the material or spiritual energy. It is all an exhibition of God’s potencies wherever he goes. Thus, the dharmin, or Dharmist, the follower of dharma who sees God everywhere, is already home. Liberation from material existence will follow such a person like a servant.

If we understand this properly, we can see that Sanatana-dharma is the basis of universal truth. It can be applied to anyone at anytime and anywhere in the universe. Thus, many religions can and should include Sanatana-dharma within their approach and outlook. It does not matter in which religion you may be affiliated, you can still benefit and grow within the fold of Sanatana-dharma to reach a higher awareness and perception of your true potential and genuine spiritual identity. In this way, the whole world could reach a new stage in its social and spiritual development, as well as in harmony and cooperation.