Lemon immersed in a glass of water – does it mean something?

Bright Yellow Lemon in Water

We normally witness many of the shopkeepers or hotel owners or in offices there will be a fine glass tumbler will with water with a lemon in it. Why do you think they do this thing? Is there any particular reason for that? Is it for inflow of abundance or Good luck? To drive away evil eye effects?  What happens when a lemon is kept immersed in water in a glass tumbler?

What is the secret?

Water is said to be very reactive to the energies around us. Fine example is our body. Our body contains 72 percent of water and it suffers with a slightest disturbance of the balance in the form of bacteria or any other unnecessary intrusion. The same body recovers with a small dose of medicine. This is due to the water content present in our body. Some research says that water has memory and it just embraces what ever the form of energy comes into touch with.

You see, in temples the priests will always be chanting the holy names of  Goddesses and Gods and other sacred mantras. There will a water place in the temple for sure and that water absorbs all the positive energy accumulated around there. That is why water from temple acts as a cure to some ailments. And teertham given by the priest will act as a energy dose to the body.

In the same way, water in glass tumbler will definitely be effected by all types of energies around it. A lemon busts the negative energies in the water and releases positive energy. This acts as an energy purifying reactor which absorbs all the negative energy and gives out positive energy, thus, brings abundance to the native.