Spirituality Totka

Totka for getting desired Job

Naukri Pane Ke Liye Totke, Every person has dream to get desired job and best opportunities that save his/her future and make it bright. People try their best to get a right job but sometimes life sucks and opportunities stop knocking your doors. Many boys and girls get depressed when they don’t get selected in campus interviews during their collage time. Having a job is necessary to lead a life and fulfill the basic requirements of life but having a satisfied job is necessary for mental peace and personal development.

Sometimes people start work with the companies that never care about their employees and offer them load of work. Sometimes you get stuck in such kind of jobs where you don’t have any opportunity for further growth and you don’t learn the things to promote in new field or job.  If you are jobless or not satisfied with your job, then you should try some totka to get the desired job in your field of working. These techniques work really very well and bring desired results in short span of time. you might have tried lots of other options but this never fails and help make your career boom and grow.

Here are some ways that helps you get desired jobs given below:

  • Visit Lord Shiva temple every Monday and offer then sweet milk and Sabut Rice. Now pray to Lord Mahadeva to offer you a good and desired job. This is the simple way and manpasand naukri pane ke totke.
  • Those people who are already in job but wants better opportunities, they need to place a picture of flying Hanuman Ji and worship it daily. It helps get better job and promotion too.
  • If you have tried lots of ways to get rid of your unemployment and didn’t get succeed then you can try Jaldi naukri pane ke achuk totke. Take a fresh Nimbu (without any spot) and cut it into four pieces. Throw it in four directions or put it on a circle. Do it regularly for seven days. You can start it on any day of Shukla Paksha. It helps offer new job opportunities and profit in business. It can be more effective if you start it on Amawsaya on Saturday.
  • If you want success in interview then try a totka of Nimbu and Launge. Take a fresh Nimbu and insert four Launge in Nimbu in four directions with the help of pin. Recite a mantra as “Ohm Shree Hanumate Namah” for 108 times. Keep this Nimbu in your pocket and go for an interview. It helps you crack in interview easily and get job in little efforts.
  • You can also get succeed in interview by trying Totka of Gur Chana. Take Gur Chana and offer it to a cow to eat before going to take interview. You surely get good news and your job problem would resolve.